Livingston Bioidentical Hormone Reviews & Testimonials

I have been seeing Dr. Sattari for 7 months now.  When I first met Dr. Sattari I complained of extreme fatigue, weakness, chronic body aches, Fibromyalgia and menopausal symptoms including hot flashes and inability to sleep through the night. After working with him and taking hormone replacement therapy and a variety of supplements I am feeling much better. Right away I began to sleep better, I have more energy and my menopausal symptoms are much improved.

I teach yoga and pilates and was afraid I was going to have to give up my practice because of weakness and fatigue.  Now I have endless energy and am doing even more than before.  My pain syndrome has even improved because I have more energy and am less fatigued and able to work through my aches and pains.

I continue to feel better and am very grateful to Dr. Sattari for all he has done for me. -L.

Here are a few of the pictures from my recent trip to Mexico. I can’t thank you enough for the results your program has done for me. I went from weighing 222 pounds with a huge gut and not feeling good and not happy at all with my life. In a short 9 months I lost 42 pounds and now look and feel like I did 25-30 years ago. I can’t tell how great I feel and people keep coming up to me and asking me what I did to lose the weight but more importantly telling how great I look especially women. Because of you I’m able to work out 2-3 hours a day with endless energy. Not only that but my blood pressure is way down as well as my cholesterol. People say I look 20 years younger and I’m thrilled about that. Thank you again.

All the best and talk to you soon. -M.

Starting my participation in Dr. Sattari’s Anti-Aging practice was a life changing event.

My journey with Dr. Sattari’s practice started with an extensive blood test.   We are all used to an annual cholesterol test, but this was much more indepth. Prior to starting this process, my cholesterol was always below 170 and my blood pressure was usually very good.   I, like a lot of people have always used those numbers as a gage to my health and since my weight was in a healthy range, I didn’t think to look beyond that and I assumed all was fine.

And I, like a lot of people, attributed aches and pains and lower energy, insomnia and hot flashes to the normal ageing process.   My friend convinced me that Dr. Sattari’s program would make me feel and look more vibrant and that aging didn’t have to bring with it hot flashes and lower vitality. Since I am approaching 50 years of age and I do have Graves Disease, I felt taking a closer look at my health was a good idea.

I was quite surprised to find that indicators in my blood work showed inflammation from high levels of stress,   I was also surprised to find that hot flashes and insomnia could be managed by correcting hormone levels and with high quality supplements.   Dr. Sattari created a custom program of supplements and hormone replacement for me based on his findings from my blood work and history.   In addition, my program started with a 2 week cleanse-detox regimen which completely altered my diet.   I lost 12 lbs in 2 weeks and I have kept it off.   Through this process, Dr. Sattari taught me that we need to bring quality natural foods into our bodies and we need to eat less processed foods.   And, the way that I was eating was actually harming my health and contributing to my ageing process. I was surprised to learn that even though I looked somewhat healthy, I had issues brewing in me that could only be seen through blood work.   Now, my digestion is better, my weight is much better for my age and size, my skin looks better and I feel much better.   But, more importantly, my inflammation levels in my blood have decreased and I feel calmer.   And, most thankfully, my hot flashes have stopped and I sleep much more soundly.

We all get used to a slow decline in how we feel and look and we think this is just what it means to age.   And, it’s frightening to realize that quietly and internally we may have conditions that are slowly breaking us down and we just keep going with the same diet and routine perpetuating these conditions.   Taking the time to see Dr. Sattari and to start to manage my health was life changing.   This is about learning your particular body chemistry and living by a program that makes you healthier and more vital through the years.   I am so thrilled to have started Dr. Sattari’s program and highly recommend to anyone to visit Dr. Sattari and begin to educate yourself on your particular health needs and take control and improve your life.   You will be surprised how much better you can look and feel. -H. – Age: 49 (and a half)

When you are happy with how you look it’s hard to go back and revisit the day when you did not feel the same way about yourself. Life had gone along, each day busy with commitments to family, friends and work. You gain a few extra pounds here and there and start to readjust your expectations. You think you are eating healthy and you exercise regularly. Age creeps up on you and your body changes and you need medications, which have an additional effect on your weight. You try on clothes and nothing looks nice and you have trouble finding outfits that make you feel good. It was at this point that I reached out to Dr. Sattari. Dr. Sattari had me fill out an extensive questionnaire, which covered not only the medical details of my health but also many aspects of my lifestyle and my hopes and wishes for my future. Then we had our first visit to review these details discussing them extensively. How I felt, what I wanted to change and what I hoped to achieve. He ordered blood work and did an intense evaluation of many body functions. We started with a dietary cleanse, which I had heard others talk about and the idea did not thrill me. It turned out to be not too bad, along with the shake I had daily, Dr Sattari had me remove certain dietary items from my diet yet I did not feel hungry. He helped me to eliminate sugars, and other processed foods from my daily intake. Dr, Sattari gave me a packet of information and related facts and myths as well as shared his knowledge of the type of foods to avoid and why and even how to prepare these new meals. It was quite a learning experience.

Following his advice I have lost weight and lowered many levels in my blood.My other doctors are thrilled with the results. I have people complimenting me on how good I look and most of all I feel so much better. I have had improvements in my health and my skin and an increase in overall energy. But the best gift of all is how much better I feel about myself.I am fortunate to have found the guidance and medical expertise that Dr Sattari has shared with me. -F.